Everyone you  know is a   

potential job lead.  Don't be shy, 
speak up!


  1. Know exactly what it is you want from others. Prepare questions in advance of a meeting or telephone conversation. Be courteous and appreciative.

  2. Have a positive attitude when you network.
  3. Talk to strangers and mingle with people you don't already know at meetings and events. Introduce yourself!
  4. Share information, ideas, resources, and contacts with others. Networking is a two-way process.
  5. Don't ask for too much at one time. Limit the amount of assistance or information you seek from one person.
  6. Don't neglect to follow-up on leads you have been given. You don't want to embarrass those who have made connections for you.
  7. Don't betray other people's confidentiality. Trust is a vital part of networking.
  8. Don't monopolize other people's time when networking. Keep your conversation brief and make arrangements to call or meet at another time if you discover areas of mutual interest.
  9. Continue networking even after you've found a job. There will always be ways an active network can help. Everyone needs a personal and professional support system. Keep yours in place throughout your career.
  10. Incorporate networking into your everyday life. It is a powerful tool for marketing yourself, but also a powerful tool for enriching your life and the lives of those in your network

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