Consider the resume to be 

essentually  a commercial.  You have less than 60 seconds to grab an employer's attention.



1.Attach your resume to any application that you fill out with a paper clip or place it inside the application form.

2. Send or fax your resume with a cover letter to reply to classified ads for jobs you want.

3. Send or fax your resume with a cover letter directly to the Human Resource manager or hiring manager at a company/business where you would like to work.

4. Give a copy of your resume to the people you have asked to be a job reference for you. This may be helpful when they receive phone calls and need to speak about you to a prospective employer.

5. Hand your resume to personal contacts as you develop a network of leads. Your friends and relatives could recommend you to other people who need workers.

6. Send, fax or bring your resume to employment agencies because they work closely with employers to fill jobs.


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