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Supportive Services refers to financial assistance with child care, transportation or, in some cases, other employment or training- related expenses as allowed by law. These services are provided for any activity, including employment, in which JOBSplus! requires a jobseeker to participate.
The receipt of these services is based on measures of compliance with the JOBSplus! program (such as attendance) and on eligibility requirements as outlined by New York State law.



Participants are always entitled to the child care arrangements of their choosing whether they bring their children to contracted, licensed providers or other non-contracted, informal providers such as friends or relatives. Child Care Solutions is Onondaga County's enrollment agency. Child Care Solutions ensures that legally exempt providers are in compliance with State regulations.  Child care will be authorized based upon the provider's status with that agency.



Participants who travel more than one mile to their sites recieve bus passes. Those who own a car may be reimbursed for car travel if bus travel is unavailable or not feasible. Once employment is obtained, assistance with the cost of transportation may be provided for up to one month.

Mobility Management

Any participants who have transportation issues can avail themselves of the services of the Mobility Management Center which is operated by the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority (CENTRO). The center was set up to help TANF participants resolve transportation issues and help set up emergency transportation arrangements so that individuals will never lose employment due to a lack of reliable transportation


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