Knowing the target audience  

helps one better prepare and market themselves to
 get the job.



Flexibility -- the ability to adapt. In today's job market, there will be change in every job. You may have to learn a new line of products or adjust to a different work schedule. There may be different bosses, ways to do your work, co-workers, etc. The best employees change as a normal part of life and respond positively to learning new things.

Confidence. Do you believe in yourself? If you do, then you know that you can handle most problems that come your way. When confident people do not know something, they work hard to learn it. They always believe that they have what it takes to do the work. Confident workers succeed because they take responsibility for themselves.

Loyalty -- Loyal employees treat their employers with respect, like a loyal friend. The loyal employee is honest, reliable and trustworthy. Like a loyal friend, a loyal company worker would not bad mouth the organization he/she works for or steal from it.

Determination -- the ability to stick to a task. Every job has its problems and obstacles. There may be a customer who is very difficult to please or a certain task that is boring. If you are the kind of person who stays motivated and continues to work hard even when things are not easy, you will succeed in your career.

Enthusiasm -- Workers who are enthusiastic about their jobs give off positive energy. They are a pleasure to be around for both customers and co-workers alike. Employers want enthusiastic employees because their attitude can turn the entire office in a more positive direction.


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