Communicating well and 

being confident are the keys to a successful interview.



How to Handle Your Interview

  1. Tell your job-related skills and strengths. Talk about relevant work experiences, both paid and unpaid, any relevant training and your personal strengths that "match" this kind of employment.
  2. Tell the truth. Of course, you want to present yourself in the best possible light, but it is never a good idea to lie. If there are weak spots in your background or qualifications, tell what you are doing to improve the situation. On the other hand, never bring up a problem or a weakness unless you are asked about it directly.
  3. Tell the employer what he/she really wants to know. When a question seems unusual or unrelated to the job, think about the reason behind the question. What is the employer worried about? Then answer the interviewer's concern in addition to the question.

Are You the Right Person For the Job?


The interviewer is looking for evidence that shows whether you are the right person for the job. The top 3 clues are:

  1. The first impression. How you look and how you act tell an interviewer a lot about your self-respect. How you present yourself shows how much you pay attention to detail. Have a neat hairstyle; clean, trimmed fingernails; shined shoes; cleaned, pressed clothes; light makeup; firm handshake; good eye contact; no perfume/cologne.
  2. Reliability. During the interview, the interviewer is looking to find out if you will show up for work on time, get along with the other employees (bosses and co-workers), get things done correctly, and can be trusted.
  3. Ability to do the job. An employer will look for clues that prove you have the skills, experience, or training to handle the job duties. For entry-level positions or jobs in a new/different field, you must show that you can learn to do the job.

Handling Interview Questions

The 3-step process to handling interview questions:

  1. Understand what is really being asked.
  2. Present the facts to make yourself look good.
  3. Give examples to support your skill

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