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About Us




It is the mission of JOBSplus! to focus everything that is said and done in the welfare system on helping people find and keep employment. This begins the moment individuals first apply for public assistance and continues until all who are able have achieved economic independence.  JOBSplus! will provide more opportunity for participants in this endeavor by enhancing and increasing their responsibility for their own success.

JOBSplus! is a contractor of Onondaga County Department of Social Services - Economic Security
The mission of the Department of Social Services-Economic Security is to accurately and efficiently administer support and services to county residents in a respectful manner where each person is treated fairly. Our staff is responsible for following state and federal guidelines for delivering appropriate assistance. The delivery of services will be conducted in a safe and supportive environment for members of our staff and the public. Our goal is to help people achieve their highest level of independence by providing quality service in a timely, efficient and dignified manner.



Guiding Principles

  • All avenues of diversion from public assistance should be explored at the time of   application.

  • Workforce preparation activities should be authentic, replicating to the greatest extent possible, actual labor force conditions including a 35-hour work week, real work, legitimate expectations, supervision, and performance appraisal. 

  • Acquisition of needed work-related skills will be accelerated by combining work experience with classroom education or training. 

  • Individuals will be given the greatest possible degree of self-direction allowed by participation parameters in selecting those opportunities which will move them most rapidly to economic independence.

  • No one should be economically better off on public assistance than working. 


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